We at INNOCENT CHILDREN ACADEMY SEN. SEC. SCHOOL MANASA, think that “EDUCATION MAKES THE NATION “ AND education as the means of developing our greatest abilities because in each one of us there is a private hope and dream which when fulfilled can be translated into benefit of everyone and become a great strength for our nation. We are focused on our mission of making quality education with all round personality development of our students more accessible and affordable so many more students can pursue their dream of excellence. It is a mission we believe, will help make the world a better place. We dedicated ourselves at INNOCENT CHILDREN ACADEMY SEN. SEC. SCHOOL MANASA, to create human capital for our country and endow the world with beautiful minds. We believe that when our students succeed, countries prosper and societies benefit.


For more than two decades, the INNOCENT CHILDREN ACADEMY SEN. SEC. SCHOOL MANASA, Society has developed with a spirit and a vision. Today it stands as a citadel of learning and a harbinger of quality consciousness committed to developing the minds and initiatives of children. The vitality of the classrooms, the energy of the playing fields and the open friendliness of the work environment, have enabled INNOCENT CHILDREN ACADEMY SEN. SEC., students to reach their fullest potential – whether in securing distinctions in the board examinations or winning national / international accolades in drama, debates or sports. Outstanding board results and securing enviable positions in the entrance tests to various professional colleges and institutes of international repute are the accepted identity of a ICA school. Innovation is fundamental to ICA learning programmes , activity and its faculty has endeavored to revolutionize in terms of ideas and practices, to match the demands of twenty- first century educational trends and global associations. The primary focus is on meaningful and joyful learning. Academia meet to exchange and partake of diverse cultural and intellectual experiences. Educational programmes evolve from the felt needs, incorporating contextual issues and challenges. Activities and events related to value education, environment, health education, games and sports, visual and performing arts, culture and heritage, international experience sharing, personality development etc. are effectively woven into the main fabric of school curriculum. The strong ICA family with more than 1400 students across the globe is a living testimony to one of the oldest institutions in Manasa -the joint family system. On one hand, beginning in 2001        It has in its fold, established stalwarts that continue to be forces to be reckoned with Nationally. On the other hand, there are newer schools that have the rich experience of their siblings and the benefit of latest developments. Some of the members are mere fledglings compared to those who have been soaring high for decades. But together, they make some of the most formidable bastions of education


KRISHN GOPAL EDUCATION and Social Welfare Society, MANASA is promoted by all society members with the ideology and thoughts for social cause of its . It is registered with Registrar of Societies (Madhya Pradesh) as a non proprietary, non- profit, charitable welfare organization with the main objective to develop and propagate educational programs, by the way of establishing progressive schools, colleges, universities or other educational institutions in India and abroad, open to all without any distinction of race, caste or creed and other social welfare objectives of the society. The society works with a mission to make world-class quality education more accessible and affordable so that many more students can pursue their dreams. We believe our mission will help make the world a better place. At the centre of our vision is value – defined by our students and those who will employ them. We prepare our school students by inculcating knowledge in their minds, ethos in their heart and a sense of commitment towards the country. We believe, development of knowledge with compassion, love and moral character only will lead to the well being of entire humanity.


One of the paramount things in education in the context of emerging scenario is the relevance of what is being taught in educational institutions. After all, the true test of education is not what one learns within the four walls of school and the class room, but what one does with the learning when he enters the life ahead. The whole world today has been dubbed as "province of knowledge ". Everyone is talking about the knowledge – explosion. If one is in information technology, communication and even entrepreneurship, one is deemed to possess knowledge in all aspects of human endeavour. A throw back to the days of Marie Antoinette is, her immortal phrase " If the poor do not have bread, give them cake." Knowledge today does not only reside in books, CD-ROMS or even on the internet, but it is in the heads and hearts of people. It is the sense that an individual makes of the information that he acquires through introspection and through use of senses. No two people make of the same an identical piece of information, which one gets from internet, books etc. A person's knowledge is unique to him. Our system of education has to appreciate this diversity. The assumption that the more information one can cram into one's head, the more knowledge is acquired, stands no ground today. If we have to become a knowledge driven society, we will have to generate and apply knowledge profusely in a productive manner. There has to be encouragement given to innovation, quality and creativity in education. The role of education and the institutions has to drastically change from that of a of running the      Institutes to being a facilitator of diversity and innovation. "Let a hundred flowers bloom: let a hundred schools of thought contend" – offers the best hope for our country to prepare its people for the knowledge management. Indeed the winners of today will be those who stay ahead and bring about a change. The institutions of future would need much more than mere foresight. They would need to raise performance levels and in the social context, identify changes.


Dear Parents, Service before self is the motto of the ICA Society and I believe it should be followed by everyone. This thinking should be inculcated in everyone, not just spoken out loud. Students must learn to share and care and become sensitive towards the world around them. Sensitivity is the ability to look at peoples problems as your own, having a heart that beats for the welfare of all, the magnanimity of character to stand by a friend in troubled times, the nobility of a soul that makes sure that it radiates happiness and generates a smile on all faces, a heartfelt compassion for all bonds of humanity and the grace and humility to bow before the Almighty. Social norms are the rules that a society uses for appropriate and inappropriate values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. These are informal rules that are not written. When an individual deviates from these conventional and social rules of society, stress sets in. We can learn to control our response to situations and develop techniques that will reduce the effect of stress on our mental and physical health. Dear children, you are lucky to be studying in one of the finest schools in the State. Your education system offers a variety of ways in which you can recognize and hone your talents. The management of the school is always ready to support your productive endeavor. Take full advantage of all the avenues that are open to you and you will soon find that there is no place for any kind of negative stress in your life. Develop within yourselves a burning desire to achieve and keep alive the child like curiosity for learning something new every day, and I promise that there will never be a dull moment in your life. We look forward to working in partnership with all of you, and helping each of our students have successful years ahead.


We pride ourselves on our reputation as an inclusive, high achieving, progressive school with high expectations of our students, a culture of success, hard work and innovative teaching and learning practices. Students are encouraged to enjoy learning and to succeed in a wide range of academic, cultural, social and sporting opportunities provided by a committed and caring staff, who themselves enjoy being part of the school.INNOCENT CHILDREN ACADEMY MANASA, in short span of 18 years has achieved several awards and recognitions both nationally through its talented students and teachers. Acknowledging our excellence in education.


After Laying the Foundation of Excellence" in 2001, we continuously ensure that students enjoy school in a happy, safe and secure environment designed to fulfill their potential. Consequently, we pride ourselves on our reputation as a respectful, caring and dynamic school that places student welfare and progress at the heart of all that we do. At INNOCENT CHILDREN ACADEMY SCHOOL MANASA we are passionate about learning in every sense and match our clear focus on academic excellence with a strong commitment to personal, social and emotional development. All our students are individuals of whom we have the highest expectations. This aspiration underpins our culture of hard work and personal support making success both expected and natural. The vibrant and energetic student community is encouraged to be tolerant and respectful of others and to become responsible citizens of the wider community Our students develop confidence and deep love of learning, accessing a huge range of academic, social, sporting and cultural opportunities. Our specialist status of being a "DREAM SCHOOL" underpins our dynamic approach to teaching and learning. We integrate Information and Communication Technology fully into the curriculum with students using new technologies to enhance learning experience within all their subjects. This ensures they leave INNOCENT CHILDREN ACADEMY SCHOOL MANASA as confident, able young adults, fully equipped with the skills required to respond effectively to the professional world, whatever path they follow when they leave school.